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Visit the inviting Darling wine estates.
cruise the scenic Darling winelands nestled
between the Swartland Platteland and
South Africa's West Coast.


NO ticket needed for these self-drive routes! 

Groote Post is a historic 18th century farm on the Cape's West Coast where winemaking traditions have been revived by the Pentz family. Unique aspects and cool climatic conditions of the Darling Hills yield superlative fruit. Absolutely worth the drive ...

Cloof Wine Estate is truly off the beaten track, but it's often the road less traveled that leads you to places that will be etched in your mind forever, provide food for the soul and leave you lingering towards your next visit. Definitely a must ... 

Most of the vineyards from which Darling Cellars sources its fruit are in “bush vine” format. The advantages of bush vine are plentiful, but the most important attribute is that a bush vine is quite hardened against drought. You will be amaized ...  

Ormonde Private Cellar is owend by the Basson family and situated in the historic village of Darling. The molten rocks, forced from the earth to 300m above sea level, guard the Atlantic Ocean while banks of fog roll to the foot of the hills, blessing the vineyard with coolness and moisture. Not to be missed ... 

The “Darling Ivory” orchid is exclusive to Contreberg. It is during spring time that vines blossom and Contrebreg wines are forged between the granite soils of Darling Hills and the cool Atlantic sea breeze. Enjoy a glass of award winning wine or tie the knot at our stunning Wedding Venue surrounded by the picturesque garden.

 This family-inspired business is the brainchild of wine veteran  Charles Withington and now so capably managed by Ida Opperman. The focus is on wines from Darling vineyards – and not only current vintages but some older wines and limited releases as well. There is also a small but important section of gems classified as “not Darling but dear to me” with a few exceptional items from producers with whom we have a personal connection.

Open to public from May 21!